Art Commissions

Commission Types

If you’d like to commission me or have any questions you can contact me on Discord (Zaya#7078), Twitter (@zaya_nalenthi), send an email to or anywhere else you find me.

  • The prices below are for single character illustrations with no background or a simple background. Multiple characters on the same illustration will be +80% of the base price per additional character. Backgrounds prices are variable, please ask.
  • These rates are all for non-profit use! For commercial rates, please ask me.
  • You are not required to credit me for the art, but if you’d like to, do so as “Zaya” and/or link to my twitter (@zaya_nalenthi). Note that this only applies for the art I have specifically drawn for you, or if you have the permission of the person who commissioned it.
  • Unless you specify a different deadline, I’ll try to get your commission done in 2-4 weeks. If you’d like guaranteed delivery by a certain date, this will be an additional +50-100% depending on deadline.
  • Payments can be made 100% upfront or 50% upfront and 50% after the drawing is complete but before the full resolution image is released to you.
  • Particularly intricate/complex designs may incur additional charges, be simplified, or be rejected. The bar for this is very high, however, and you are free to show me the design and enquire.
  • Rates are negotiable for large orders (>£250).
  • You will be asked for approval/changes at multiple stages of the commission, but only allowed two minor revisions after the piece is complete. After that, additional revisions or larger revisions are +5-10% of the original commission price.

Painting (Illustration)

Full body: £100+ | 1/2 body: £90+ | Bust: £70+ | Headshot: £60+
(Simple BG included, as well as a transparent version, listed prices are minimum, enquire for specific prices. This is the option if you want complex compositions/lighting.)

Painted Sprite

Full body: £70+ | 1/2 body: £60+
(These have a transparent background. 1 character per image. They also have simpler shading and are much lower resolution than a painted illustration)

Lineart + Colour/Shade

Full body: £65 | 1/2 body: £55 | Bust: £40

Lineart + Flat Colour

Full body: £50 | 1/2 body: £43 | Bust: £30

Sketch + Colour/Shade

Full body: £40 | 1/2 body: £34 | Bust: £24

Sketch + Flat Colour

Full body: £30 | 1/2 body: £26 | Bust: £18


Full body: £25 | 1/2 body: £21 | Bust: £15

Pay What You Want

These commissions have separate terms:

  • No revisions, no WIPs.
  • Not for commercial use, ever.
  • You may provide one written reference and/or one image of what you want drawn.
  • Quality is completely variable and mostly unrelated to how much you pay.
  • Minimum payment is £5.